Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Guns N' Roses to Release New Album?

With Guns N' Roses being on one of their hugest tours in decades due to iconic members Slash and Duff McKagan rejoining the band many people have wondered whether or not they will at any point be recording new music. Current rhythm guitarist Richard Fortus says that it could.

In a recent interview with Stage Left podcast Fortus talks about how the band is "assembling material" that could be the first album the band has put out since 2008's Chinese Democracy. Fortus says:

“We haven’t started recording anything, when I say that, as far as in the studio doing an album. We’ve been recording a lot of stuff, just ideas, assembling ideas, but not going into a studio and actually tracking a new record.

It’s sort of too good not to happen at this point, that’s how I feel about it. This band is really a force right now, and I definitely hope that we do, and I think we’re all sort of counting on it, and we’re also planning on it.”

If GN'R does intend to do a new album, it's more than likely not going to happen any time this year due to the fact that they have recently extended their Not in This Lifetime tour through November. There is also the fact that singer and band leader Axl Rose tends to move at a ridiculously slow pace when it comes to doing much of anything. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't see an album till 2020 if we get one at all. However, Rose has been breaking some of his old patterns the past few years so maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.

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