Friday, June 2, 2017

Elton John and Jack White Record New Song "Two Fingers of Whiskey"

Of all the talented artists out there, I NEVER would have pictured Elton John and Jack White working together. They kind of seem like apples and oranges to me, but maybe that is part of what makes the track they just recorded together Two Fingers of Whiskey so special and cool.

The song (which can be listened to above) was recorded directly to vinyl as part of an upcoming film called American Epic: The Sessions. The idea is to take contemporary artists and have them record in really old school recording situations (which is right up White's and probably also John's alley).

Two Fingers of Whiskey features lyrics from John's long time collaborator Bernie Taupin with John improvising on the piano and taking lead vocals and White accompanying on guitar and backing vocals. For something done off the cuff for the most part it sounds pretty damn good. Both of them look and sound like they are having a lot of fun. I know I would be too in such a situation. It's a fun, swingy, and bluesy tune that will have you swaying and smiling for sure.

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