Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fan Makes Epic Mash-Up of Iron Maiden and Michael Jackson

Metalheads and pop fans are usually sworn enemies, but every now and again fans of both genres will make them shake hands. Such a thing has happened with this unlikely, yet amazing mash-up of Michael Jackson's Beat It and Iron Maiden's The Trooper (which can be listened to in the video above).

Normally people would never associate the king of pop with one of the greatest metal bands to ever grace this plane of existence, but a YouTuber by the name of Nightmare Lyra realized that it was possible to make the two songs work together. They took the instrumental parts of The Trooper and bits and pieces of the instrumentation and the full vocal track to Beat It and mixed them into something that is a fun listen for sure.

I never would have guessed that these two songs could blend so well together, but I was pleasantly surprised. I know some people will call this blasphemy, but it's a cool experiment that yielded some fun results. I think it would have been cooler to include bits of the vocal track from The Trooper, but it still turned out well enough. It's worth listening to at least once just for kicks.

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