Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Ten Albums of 2015 Part 5 (Final Part)

2015 is about to wrap! Over the last few days of the year Young Ears, Fresh Perspective is doing a Top Ten Albums of the Year series! Each day we will be discussing two albums that set themselves head and shoulders above everything else that was released this year. The albums are in no particular order though as it is too difficult and unnecessary to rank them.

2. Saint Cecilia EP, by The Foo Fighters

Saint Cecilia EP, by The Foo Fighters may not be a full length album, but the tunes on it kick enough of a driving groove to put it up on the list. It was released on their website for free just after the terrorist attacks in Paris this year and is dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives that fateful evening; though initially the EP was meant to be released as a sign of gratitude to all of their long time fans.

Lots of what you have come to expect from the Foos is on this record. There are punchy guitar riffs, meaningful lyrics, and rhythms that make you want to drum along to every last track on it. Dave Grohl seems to only get better with age, it seems. He and his band seem to still have as much energy and spirit as any young up and coming band today.


1. Rattle That Lock, by David Gilmour

The final album on my Top Ten Albums of 2015 list is Rattle That Lock, by former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. This is material that he worked over the last five years to put together, though it contains a piano piece that was recorded in his living room 18 years ago. Lyrics were written by Gilmour's long time collaborator and wife Polly Samson and also features the recording debut of his son Gabriel Gilmour.
The musical direction of Rattle That Lock is rather diverse; ranging from funk, to jazz, to pop, to rock, to ambient. Then again, I would expect nothing less from one of the masterminds behind most of Pink Floyd's greatest albums. It is eclectic and creative in all of the most fascinating ways possible. Definitely something for you to pick up if you are yearning for anything more since the final Pink Floyd album came out last year.

Wrapping things up:

That's a wrap, folks! That is all for 2015! I hope you liked what all I had to offer you this year. I will be taking tomorrow off (as it is a holiday) but will be returning to you Sunday night for the first post of the new year! In the mean time, enjoy time with your family and friends; turning up your favorite rocking tunes as loud as you possibly can!

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