Friday, December 4, 2015

Former Stone Temple Pilots Singer Scot Weiland Reported Dead

We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled format on Young Ears, Fresh Perspective tonight for a special news bulletin.

Former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver: Scott Weiland has just been reported dead.

Weiland (aged 48) was found so on his tour bus this evening (December 3rd) by his personal manager around 9 PM according to TMZ. He apparently died quietly in his sleep. Weiland and his band The Wildabouts were set to play a show in Rochester, MN tonight, but the show was cancelled.

Weiland has been known for his substance abuse for years (particularly heroin). It has gotten him kicked out of both Stone Temple Pilots as well as Velvet Revolver. He had been supposedly clean for a long time now, but unfortunately that seems to have been more than likely not the case; especially since in recent interviews with him he looked rather sickly and also had visible track marks on his arms.

People in the music community such as Dave Navarro, Dave Kushner, Amanda Palmer, Zach Myers, Alice Cooper, and more are already making statements on social media about Weiland's passing.

This, boys and girls is why you do NOT mess around with hard drugs. You end up losing all sense of self and turn into something that no one ever wants to be. It's a shame that Weiland wasted his talent and life on such harmful vices. Sadly this leaves us also with no potential for a reunion with STP or VR. For someone who wanted such things, staying on drugs was not the best way to go about it. However, I'm going to quit railing on Weiland now because it really is a tragedy that he has passed. He made some iconic and unforgettable music in his life time; for which he will be remembered forever. We'll try to remember the songs he gave us, rather than what he did to himself.

Scott Weiland R.I.P.

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