Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top Ten Albums of 2015 Part 3

2015 is about to wrap! Over the last few days of the year Young Ears, Fresh Perspective is doing a Top Ten Albums of the Year series! Each day we will be discussing two albums that set themselves head and shoulders above everything else that was released this year. The albums are in no particular order though as it is too difficult and unnecessary to rank them.

6. Skeletons, by Danzig

This time around horror punk/metal legend Glenn Danzig rather than doing an all original album decided to pursue a project that he had been wanting to do since 1979: an all covers album titled Skeletons featuring music that he grew up on and inspired him to become the kind of musician that we all know and love him for being. I have to admit that there is a pretty good mix of tunes on here that sums up that era pretty well.

Skeletons features songs from Elvis Presley, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, The Troggs, The Everly Brothers, and more. It has a rough lo-fi sound, but for those who are long time fans of Danzig and know where he came from, it kind of works to his advantage. It sounds like a rough recording of a bar gig rather than something that has been worked and polished to death by a producer in the studio.

5. Shockwave Supernova, by Joe Satriani

Guitar wizard extraordinaire Joe Satriani takes us on a ripping and tearing fret board adventure in his newest release Shockwave Supernova. This time around Joe tried something a little different, which was a concept album that tells a whole cohesive story. However, while usually these kinds of albums are done with lyrics that tie the story in together Satriani does this entirely with sound from instruments. It really is something else.

The focus of Shockwave Supernova is the alter-ego Joe created for himself as a performer back in the day. It goes through the inception and eventual retirement of the character. Even if such things aren't your shindig, you are guaranteed to find at least one song on this instrumental album that you like. It ranges from pulse pounding progressive metal to walking paced swanky blues with a swing. Take this fantastic voyage with Joe and see what kinds of things he has in store for you.

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