Saturday, December 12, 2015

Steve Perry Confirms Plans for Solo Album

It would seem that former Journey singer Steve Perry has been working on a brand new solo album (his first in about 20 years) since early this year and has been keeping it a secret all this time till now.

The news was finally broken to the public when Perry did a call-in on the Mark in the Morning radio show on KSWD-FM to wish the host "Uncle" Joe Bensen a happy birthday. Perry was asked a few questions including stuff about current plans. He mentioned the album, saying:

“I’m in the studio,” Perry said when asked what he’s been up to lately. “You know, actually, I started — there’s been so many rumors going around that I’m in the studio, that I’ve been there for years. The truth is, I finally went into the studio in March, and I’ve been in there ever since, just trying to finish this record.”

As for when it would be finished, Perry says:

“I’ve asked myself that today. I’m looking forward to finishing it, put it that way. I want to get it done probably in the early part of this coming year.”

This will be Perry's first solo album since 1994's For the Love of Strange Medicine. I can only imagine what the album might sound like, considering how long it has been since Perry was regularly recording and performing. It's definitely about time he made a comeback, though. While he might not be able to do the Journey songs like he did 30+ years ago any more, I still imagine he will be able to put out some good sounding stuff nonetheless.

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