Saturday, December 5, 2015

Carry On Wayward Sun Covered on Dual Harps

As I'm sure many of you have all heard the dreadful news about the passing of Scott Weiland, I figure it's time to take a breath and watch something that might help you cheer up a bit; if only for a moment.

Recently Camille and Kennerly have released a new video of them performing a single from their newest album Harp Attack 2, which is a (you guessed it) harp cover of the Kansas classic Carry On Wayward Son.

Overall it isn't too bad. It's about what you would expect for the song being played on a couple of harps. The iconic melodies are all there with decent backing. It definitely lacks the punch and emotion that the original had, but I guess you can't expect a harp to drive the same way an electric guitar would. Different kind of stringed instrument.

Harp Attack 2 came out in February and features covers by Ozzy Osbourne, The Eagles, Journey, Survivor, Metallica, and more. It's definitely fun and an interesting way to hear some of your favorite classics reinterpreted on classical instruments.

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