Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Ten Albums of 2015 Part 4

2015 is about to wrap! Over the last few days of the year Young Ears, Fresh Perspective is doing a Top Ten Albums of the Year series! Each day we will be discussing two albums that set themselves head and shoulders above everything else that was released this year. The albums are in no particular order though as it is too difficult and unnecessary to rank them.

4. Tell Me I'm Pretty, by Cage the Elephant

Garage rock band Cage the Elephant put out their fourth studio album Tell Me I'm Pretty only a couple of weeks ago. However, even though it hasn't been out that long it still has worked its way into a Top Ten spot for this year. This time around the band had Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach produce their album. You can definitely hear his touches if you are familiar with The Black Keys at all.

While the riffs and melodies are fuzzy and resonating, the lyrics are where the band truly hits the mark this time around. They are chocked full with so much emotion that you will need a permission slip from your parents to get on the bus for the big class feel trip. Definitely something good for fans of raw guitars and emotional messages.

3. The Book of Souls, by Iron Maiden

Metal legends Iron Maiden put out their 16th studio album The Book of Souls this year. Running over 92 minutes it's their longest one to date. Quite frankly it's the longest album I've ever heard of ever. Definitely a lot of music packed into it. Then again, this shouldn't be that big of a surprise considering Maiden has been known over the years to do power metal tunes that just go on and on and on and yet never get even the least bit boring.

The Book of Souls features the band in top form. I'm not even saying they're good considering how old they are, but REALLY good. Seriously, Iron Maiden have only gotten better with age. You can tell they are firing on all cylinders and are putting out some of the best metal that anyone has in the longest time. It will make you feel like you're back in the mid-80's getting your rocks off with the Powerslave album, but on steroids.

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