Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Whitesnake's David Coverdale Feels Bad for Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page

Whitesnake front man David Coverdale has had a lot on his plate lately with rereleasing his band's mid-late 80's albums. During this conversation he went into talking about his friend and former collaborator Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.

In an interview with Sweden Rock, Coverdale expressed his empathy and feelings for Page, kind of feeling bad for him in certain regards. Coverdale says:

"The saddest thing for me, and my dear, dear, dear beloved friend Jimmy Page. I think one of the reasons he’s explored the Zeppelin catalog so significantly is because he can’t get the guys to commit to making a new record or touring.

Zeppelin’s his baby, as Whitesnake is mine, but I’m very happy to say I have a fabulous fresh chapter of Whitesnake. I’m still a recording entity and I’m still a touring entity.

I’ve recommended to him for years to do what Carlos Santana did with Supernatural. Jimmy’s got all these great songs. I said, ‘I’m there for you. I’ll do a couple of songs for you, without a doubt.’ I said, ‘Do something like Supernatural. At least you’re playing.’ It breaks my heart, ’cause he’s such a f—ing valuable musician. With what he’s already given to us, he doesn’t really owe us anything, but I just know that he’s still valid and relevant and can still play amazing guitar and write amazing songs. Where do you go after f—ing Led Zeppelin, dude? Where do you go?”

I understand what Coverdale is getting at. It's kind of difficult to figure out what to do and where to go after you've ruled the world in one of the most gigantic and influential rock n' roll bands to ever exist. I too wish Page would do SOMETHING with the music he has, even if it is in the vein of Supernatural. Santana pulled it off. Slash pulled it off. Page is more than capable of getting together some great talent and releasing one of the greatest records of the 21st century. He would blow anything the remaining members of Zeppelin are currently doing out of the water for sure.

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