Friday, May 12, 2017

Danzig Releases New Single from Upcoming Album: "Last Ride"

Fans of Glenn Danzig have even more to get hyped about. The singer has put out yet another crunchy heavy track from his upcoming album Black Laden Crown (due out May 26th via Nuclear Blast Records) titled Last Ride (which can be listened to in the video above).

Last Ride is a bit more laid back musically than the previous single Devil on Hwy 9, but Danzig's voice definitely sounds better on this track. You can still hear the age in his voice, but it has a bit more of that smooth bourbon Jim Morrison/Elvis Presley flavor to it that he has made himself known for over the past few decades.

The only nitpick I might make is that production-wise it sounds like the instruments are lacking the proper punch. They are too far down in the mix. I get that the vocals are supposed to be the focus of the song, but you can still do that while giving the mix the proper balance it requires. If anything, you would achieve that goal better if you did that. That said, it's still a pretty good song. Maybe it will sound better live?

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