Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chris Cornell, Singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave Dead at 52

The world of rock n' roll suffered a huge shocking loss late yesterday (5/17/2017) when singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell aged 52 was found dead in his hotel room in Detroit, according to the Associated Press. The same article reports that when Cornell's body was found there was something around his neck. After further medical examination the examiner confirmed that the death was indeed a suicide.

This comes as almost a complete shock because Cornell had been very public about how much he was looking forward to the various gigs that Soundgarden had coming up this year in addition to what good spirits he seemed to be in.

However, to be fair depression can be a very sneaky and easily covered up disease. No one can know for certain just what had been going on in Cornell's head or how long it had been going on for. It's a shame that he wasn't able to get the necessary help when he needed it, as now the world has lost a musical icon and his family and friends an important soul in their lives.

I'm still stunned by the loss myself. At 52 he was still fairly young and had so much more he could have given the world. However, I do understand that some times depression can get the best of us and make us do rather drastic and dreadful things that are often quite regrettable. It can go undetected for so long if you're not careful and some times not until it's too late. One thing we can learn from Cornell is that if you think something might be wrong mentally/emotionally with either yourself or someone around you don't just shrug it off. Say something right away before things take an ugly turn.

Despite his life being cut short, Cornell has left behind an outstanding legacy. The man had a great deal of passion and soul to him and he put all of it into everything he ever did. He fronted two of the greatest bands to ever exist and did some respectable stuff on his own. I know pretty soon I myself will be putting on Superunknown to remember him.

Rest in peace, Chris. May the Great Gig in the Sky treat you better than Earth did. You deserve it.

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