Friday, May 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Fleetwood Mac, by Fleetwood Mac

By 1975 Fleetwood Mac had gone through numerous changes in line-up and sound. However, stability and lasting commercial success would find them when two Americans guitarist/vocalist Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks joined the band. Though they wouldn't have their breakthrough album until 1977, Fleetwood Mac is the album that introduced the famous line-up and sound of the band we all know and love to the entire world.

Where Fleetwood Mac had previously had a blues/rock fusion sound, Fleetwood Mac is where their distinct signature light but melodic pop rock sound came into existence. Though it was't quite as polished as it was in Rumours there are still multiple songs on the album that are worth listening to and remembering including the still famous hits Landslide and Rhiannon. The triple blended vocal harmonies and Buckingham's unique style of guitar playing made for an album that showed what they could accomplish.

Monday Morning in my opinion is one of the best songs Fleetwood Mac ever put out. It's rather simplistic, but it is in that simplicity that the song finds its greatness. It's only a few chords and some rather easy to follow lyrics, but the way it flows and the way Buckingham makes it so melodic and catchy is what makes the song so easy and quick to grasp. Some times that is really all a pop rock song needs. Just a few chords, simple lyrics, and a vocal hook that ingrains itself into your mind so deeply that it will never go away.

Rhiannon is of course a Fleetwood Mac classic. It still gets consistent radio airplay even 42 years later. Admittedly I'm not that big a fan of Nicks, but I will admit she put together a rather memorable tune. The soft finger picking on the guitar draws you in, but its Nicks's vocal melody that you stay for. There are moments where her timbre is so sweet that you could swear you were just stuffed with a whole batch of your grandma's best cookies. Overall though, the atmosphere of the song is magical. You feel like you're swirling in a mystical dimension with a bunch of gypsies.

While Fleetwood Mac is really only just a taste of what the band would soon go on to accomplish, it is still an album worth recognizing and looking back on. I guarantee you'll find at least a couple of tunes on it that you will put on your regular playlist. It's catchy, fun, and well put together despite the fact that this line-up of the band had only just gotten together when they made it. I would definitely recommend picking it up when you get the chance.

Fleetwood Mac, by Fleetwood Mac receives 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Track List:

1. Monday Morning
2. Warm Days
3. Blue Letter
4. Rhiannon
5. Over My Head
6. Crystal
7. Say You Love Me
8. Landslide
9. World Turning
10. Sugar Daddy
11. I'm So Afraid

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