Saturday, May 20, 2017

Black Keys's Dan Auerbach Releases New Solo Single "Waiting On a Song"

As Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach comes closer and closer to the release of his second studio solo album Waiting on a Song (due out June 2nd on Easy Eye Records), he has been releasing more singles from it in addition to videos to accompany them. This time he has released the title track Waiting on a Song and a video to go with it.

The song is like a blend of 60's rock and a little bit of country (but not overly so). You can definitely hear all of the influence that living in Nashville has had on Auerbach. You can definitely hear him singing from a place of experience and reflecting back on such times in his life with friends that he had back in the day. Even if you aren't in it for the lyrics, it's got a nice groove and melody to it.

The video is rather cinematic. It tells the story of a group of guy teens who have just graduated high school and are spending one last summer together before they all move on with their lives and go their separate ways to grow up and become adults. It's a lot of fun to see them get into different typical teen shenanigans like smoking, drinking, partying, and some other interesting stuff. It makes it all the more impacting when you reflect back on the beginning of the video and then see the tail end, which will make you sigh a bit.

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