Sunday, February 14, 2016

Top 5 Rock/Metal Songs About Sex

Well it's that time of year again. Valentine's Day. The one day of the year where if you're in a relationship or are about to be in one and you manage to do things just right you will be whisked off your feet for a night of passion. That said, the rock and metal genres have managed to provide us with some great tunes about the act of love making over the years. Today I'm going to give you five of the best ones (in my opinion) in no particular order.

1. Still of the Night, by Whitesnake

Whitesnake has become notorious since the 80's for writing songs about love and sex. This song while all about lusting after that gorgeous someone in the middle of the night is actually pretty well written musically. Those guitar riffs are absolutely tasty and you can really move and groove to them. It really does provide the listener though with a musical vision of being in the kind of head space being sung about.

2. The Jack, by AC/DC

This song is absolutely PACKED with double entendres, analogies, metaphors, etc. for sex and VD related stuff. In all honesty it really is some of AC/DC's best lyrical work. If you didn't know any better you might not catch the true subject matter of the song behind all of the card game related wording. Add the fact that this is as basic of a blues song as you can really get and you've got something to get your groove on to.

3. Big Foot, by Chickenfoot

This is the perfect song to listen to in the car cranked at top volume when you're on your way to meet up with that special someone for a late night booty call. It's all about having your foot on the gas and trying to get over there as quickly as possible. The riff seems to match the big foot motif as well and will get you in that mood for getting to your rendezvous to get what you are lusting after so very, very badly.

4. Anything Goes, by Guns N' Roses

This driving tune from one of the world's most dangerous bands is unashamedly all about the rougher kind of love making which some people enjoy partaking in. There is absolutely no double entendre, metaphors, or analogies in this. It's straight up blunt and honest about what would make for a rather interesting evening. While in some ways it could be considered uncreative and deplorable I kind of admire the no frills straight and to the point approach.

5. Everybody Wants Some, by Van Halen

The title kind of gives it all away, doesn't it? No matter how puritanical you may be, it is nonetheless true. Everybody craves sex with a burning passion no matter who they are whether they want to admit it or not. The pounding rhythms will get your heart booming and physically unable to NOT want to go find some hot piece of ass you want to bang the crap out of right that very moment. Not surprising that Van Halen would have written such a song, honestly.

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