Thursday, February 4, 2016

Last in Line to Carry On Without Jimmy Bain

Last month former Rainbow and Dio bassist Jimmy Bain passed away from undiagnosed lung cancer. His band mates from his most recent project The Last in Line which was comprised of original Dio members Vivian Campbell, Vinnie Appice, and replacement vocalist Andrew Freeman have decided that they will still carry on in order to pay tribute to his legacy.

In an interview with Linearock, Campbell says:

"We're very, very, very sad to have lost him. But I know that Jimmy believed very much in the new record, Heavy Crown, and that he would want us to continue to play and to play the Frontiers festival. And we will continue to do that. We will play it in his honour. We still have to figure out who is gonna play bass moving forward. That's a heavy, heavy decision for us to make. It has to be someone that is appropriate and someone that does tremendous respect to Jimmy Bain's legacy.

We have a few ideas, but it's obviously very early days yet. We don't even really wanna think about that just yet. It's not something that we want to dwell on right now. We're still mourning the death of Jimmy. Although we do know that Jimmy would want us to promote this record and to continue, and we will do so. But it's also very, very, very important that we make a very careful decision as to who will play bass moving forward."

Hopefully the guys will be able to pull through this difficult time fairly soon. I'm hoping that whomever they choose to replace Bain with will be another bassist who at some point worked with Ronnie James Dio in order to keep the original vision of the band alive. I'm still kind of stunned that they are choosing to go on despite all of this, but am glad at the same time glad. The show must go on, after all.

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