Saturday, February 6, 2016

Elton John Gives Surprise Performance in London Train Station

Sir Elton John decided to make the day of some lucky travelers the other day by giving a quick one person performance of his classic song Tiny Dancer at St. Pancras International depot in London. The video can be watched below.

A spectator told The Guardian:

“A colleague and I were just walking through the station and there was a bit of a crowd, then everyone started clapping and cheering. Elton sat down and started playing Tiny Dancer. He didn’t sing, played for about five minutes, then got up and walked away, all very low key.”

Elton then logged onto his Instagram, informing fans of his performance and the fact that the very piano he had played was a gift to the station, saying:

“Surprise!! I popped into St Pancras International to christen the Yamaha piano which I donated to the station. Now everyone can have a play. … My gift is my song and this piano’s for you.”

The piano has an inscription on it saying:

“Enjoy this piano. It’s a gift. Love, Elton John.”

The performance in the video is rather subtle and laid back. I'm a bit disappointed that he didn't sing, but I guess that is understandable given the fact that they probably didn't have time to set up a PA or whatever and would have made the performance less of a surprise. Plus, Elton doesn't quite have the vocal range he used to have when he first put the song out back in 1971. All that aside, I still think it was a cool thing for him to do. It is definitely a great way for him to promote his 32nd album that just came out Crazy Wonderful Night.

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