Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lemmy Kilmister's Son on Late Father: "Great Example For Hard Working Musicians"

Motorhead founder/front man Lemmy Kilmister was known not only as the definition of rock n' roll to some people, but to many he was also looked up to as a great man and a real stand up guy. This praise seems to have been furthered by Kilmister's son Paul Inder who also praised him for being so hard working and dedicated to his art and fans.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Inder said:

“He had his up days and he had his down days. He would battle to go onstage sometimes, but he would always get it together. Even if he was laid out on his back, like one show I heard from his assistant. Like one show, he was actually laid out on his back backstage and he heard the crowd chanting, ‘Lemmy, Lemmy’ and he got up and he went out and did it. So he was determined all the way to the end. That’s all he lived for. 
He said, ‘There’s nothing else I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna retire.’ Retire didn’t exist in his vocabulary. For him, he wanted to go all the way to the end with his boots on and he kind of did. He set a great example for hard working musicians. For anyone who gains respect from just sheer hard work and never giving up and not ever giving in, I think he represented that.”
I had a great amount of respect for Lemmy as it was, but this just goes to show you what lengths you will go to when you really care. When you care so much that you are willing to go through excruciating pain just to make music and please your fans. You really can't get much more rock n' roll than that. Props to you, Lemmy. Hope you're resting in peace with an endless supply of Jack and Cokes. You clearly earned them.

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