Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joe Lynn Turner Beats Up on New Rainbow Line-Up

Many of former Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore's fans are excited about the fact that the man in black is making a brief return to rock music for a few shows after playing exclusively renaissance music with his group Blackmore's Night the past two decades. However, it would seem that former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner does not share the enthusiasm.

He seems to feel that the new line-up of Rainbow is just a cover band and it is not what the fans deserve. In an interview on Eddie Trunk's SiriusXM show, Turner says:

“I was shocked. I wanted an authentic lineup. I was talking to Bob Daisley, Bobby Rondinelli, Roger Glover, Don Airey. There’s a whole bunch of guys that were really willing to get involved. I spent a good year working that out with his manager. Everybody thought I was delusional, and I know I wasn’t delusional at all – they were telling me this was going to happen. It made so much sense, especially with the deal that was presented to him. I have no sour grapes about this, so let that be told. But I think a man of his status, an icon, really deserves a lot more. I really wish he had done it a different way for the fans – I think the fans deserve better than a cover band.”

Personally I think Turner is only making a big stink because he wasn't asked to join Blackmore for his temporary return to rock. Honestly, I don't think he really gets how Rainbow works if he is that shocked. Rainbow has always been about Blackmore bringing in new different talent to keep things fresh and interesting. If he always kept going back to old guys he has worked with in the past it would kind of defeat the exploratory adventurous purpose that Rainbow has had since its inception in the mid-70's.

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