Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Original Santana Band Premiere New Single "Anywhere You Want to Go"

Members of the original Santana band Carlos Santana, Neil Schon, Gregg Rolie, and Michael Schrieve have been teasing the public for a few years now with the fact that they are working on new material together. Now, there is finally a sample of what will be on the upcoming Santana IV album called Anywhere You Want to Go (which can be listened to here).

On the new album, Santana says:

“When you can go back and break new ground with joy and determination – and some whoop-ass energy – it gets you going. I think we achieved something very rare. This music was screaming to come out of us. It wasn’t about nostalgia. It was about passion.”

Anywhere You Want to Go sounds a lot like Oye Como Va and Evil Ways, but it doesn't sound too much like it is just trying to rip off the old stuff that got them notoriety in the first place. It just sounds like a few guys from the old guard who still have some of that fire left in them giving it all they've got. Santana and Schon definitely show they have lost none of their speed and fiery passion in their guitar work, that's for sure.

Santana IV will be hitting the shelves on April 16th. It will be the band's first album with all of the original members since 1971. Quite frankly, I'm pleased with what I'm hearing in Anywhere You Want to Go. It has a classic Santana vibe without it sounding too much like they were going for nostalgia, like Santana said. If it is really as passionate as he is saying, then I don't think any of us are going to be too disappointed.

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