Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Joe Perry Knocks Steven Tyler's Country Project

While Aerosmith has been on a break, singer Steven Tyler has been keeping busy by working on a solo country album. Many fans are shaking their heads at this and they aren't alone. Even Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry isn't too fond of the idea either.

Perry has never been shy about saying what he really thinks of his band mate and the things he says and does. It's no secret that ever since the beginning the two of them have always had a rather difficult relationship. Recently Perry decided to give his thoughts on Tyler's current project.

In an interview with USA Today, Perry says about Tyler's new single The Red, White and You:

"Hey, if I didn't know him when I heard the song I'd go, 'It's okay, next.' I'm not going to say anything else about that."

Perry further elaborated his overall feelings on the project by saying:

"Steven is in Nashville doing whatever he's doing. He's got a rhinestone cowboy hat going 'Yippee ki yay.' I don't know what else to say about that."

The rest of the guys in Aerosmith don't seem to be too happy about Tyler's side project because it has actually forced them to scrap most if not all of their 2016 touring plans, according to rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford. Can't say I really blame them. I'd be upset too if I was forced to sit on my hands because a band mate wanted to do something self-indulgent out of nowhere when there were already plans made.

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