Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stone Temple Pilots Looking For New Singer

Stone Temple Pilots are making an attempt to bounce back after vocalist Chester Bennington recently decided to go back to being full time in Linkin Park due to having difficulty juggling both bands as well as the recent death of original singer Scott Weiland while he was out on tour with his band The Wildabouts.

This time around they are opening auditions to the general public rather than just trying to go with someone who is already well known. They have created a short tune for singers to write their own lyrics and sing over to give the band a taste of what they can do.

The band recently released a statement saying:

“2016 marks a new year for Stone Temple Pilots. A year of hope, optimism, and most importantly, new music. We are immensely proud of all that we have been able to share with you over the years. We very much want to continue doing that, but that’s going to take a little help from all of you. As you know, prior to the untimely passing of our brother in arms, Scott, we had been working with the incomparable Chester Bennington. What you also likely know is that having Chester front two bands of this size and scope was too much for one man to be able to do and so regretfully we had to move onto a new chapter together.

This is where you come in. We are officially announcing that we are seeking a new vocalist to front Stone Temple Pilots. We’ve already heard from many talented people, but want to make this an opportunity for many more so we’ve set up a way for you to do just that. If you think you have what it takes to front this band, record with this band, and tour with this band, we would dig hearing from you. No one will ever ‘replace’ Scott, that was never the intent. The intent is for Stone Temple Pilots to continue on, to evolve, and to do what we do… make music. We look forward to seeing you.”

Think you have the vocal and lyrical chops to try out for STP? Maybe you might get lucky and have overnight stardom. Probably not, but I guess it never hurts to try. No one ever got anywhere by just giving up due to tiny odds. Hell, maybe I might even try out myself just for shits and giggles. Best of luck to those who try out!

STP Singer Submission

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