Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Coverdale-Page, by Coverdale-Page

It's usually pretty awesome when multiple talented artists who are not in the same band/group as one another work together to make something astounding. The possibilities seem almost limitless when things like this happen. In 1993 an unfortunately little known collaboration between two big names in rock n' roll happened. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and David Coverdale of Deep Purple and Whitesnake joined forces to write and record a full album of what is definitely some great under rated music.

The collaboration was simply called Coverdale-Page and their self-titled album Coverdale-Page came out on March 15th, 1993. It features a lot of songs that sound like they could have been for Led Zeppelin while also featuring some others with a more recent vibe. It was a great chance for Coverdale to get back to his blues/rock roots after having done so much heavy metal with Whitesnake up until he disbanded them for a while back in 1991. At the same time, it was a great way for Page to get back out in the game after having not done much for many years up to that point. The album went platinum and there were a few concerts in Japan, but ultimately the partnership was scrapped due to low ticket sales.

Though there were five singles for Coverdale-Page, it is Pride and Joy that usually comes to mind whenever anyone mentions the album. It starts off with a jangly acoustic intro with Coverdale singing in a bluesy timbre. It doesn't take too long for the full band to kick in with Page coming in with a VERY Led Zeppelin type groove. There is absolutely nothing not to like about it. They even include some great harmonica interludes. In a way, listening to this song is what Led Zeppelin songs would probably have sounded like had they been recorded in more recent times.

Waiting on You wasn't a single, but it's one of my personal favorites from Coverdale-Page. It sounds less like a Led Zeppelin song but still has a great classic rock kind of feel while also having a nice modern punch. Waiting on You sounds more like a song that Coverdale and Page came up with together instead of like it was a recycled Led Zeppelin tune that never got used. It's a mid-tempo rocker, but you could still jump around to it. Jimmy Page does some really nice riffage in this while also doing some clever melodic solo sections.

I feel it is particularly unfortunate that Coverdale-Page did not amount to much as a collaboration, but at least we got this one great album from it. Coverdale-Page isn't perfect, but it's worth owning. The thing is a lot of it does sound like they were trying to sound like Led Zeppelin. I know that Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is one of Coverdale's influences because it definitely shows through in some of the vocal melodies and techniques and even some of the lyrics. Jimmy Page of course is just doing what he does. All that being said however, that does NOT mean Coverdale-Page is bad by any means because it's not. The album kicks some serious ass and you should go get it ASAP. It will give you a feeling much like the kind you would get from a Led Zeppelin record in a good way.

Coverdale-Page, by Coverdale-Page receives 4 out of 5 stars.

Track List:

1. Shake My Tree
2. Waiting on You
3. Take Me For a Little While
4. Pride and Joy
5. Over Now
6. Feeling Hot
7. Easy Does It
8. Take a Look at Yourself
9. Don't Leave Me This Way
10. Absolution Blues
11. Whisper a Prayer for the Dying

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