Sunday, September 28, 2014

AC/DC Tease New Song "Play Ball" in TBS Postseason TV Ad

Not too long ago hard rockers AC/DC decided to give fans a small taste of their upcoming album Rock or Bust by letting TBS use a short clip of one of the songs from the album Play Ball in their postseason TV ad.

Originally there was only a 30 second clip of the song, but then shortly after a minute long version of the commercial with more of the song was released. You can only hear so much of the song seeing as the primary focus of the commercial is on the content it is promoting rather than the backing music it is using to make it more exciting to the viewers.

Play Ball so far sounds genuinely AC/DC. However, that is to be expected seeing as AC/DC hasn't really changed their formula much over the years. Then again, do they really need to? They are one of the few bands that can get away with using the exact same sound for years and years due to their notoriety, image, and legacy for making some of the best hard rocking music the world has ever heard.

Rock or Bust is reported to hit the shelves on December 2nd of this year. It will be the first to not feature founding member rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, who has left the band via retirement due to his failing health. Stepping in is his nephew Steven Young. Hopefully he does his rock legend of an uncle some justice.

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