Thursday, August 3, 2017

Black Country Communion Puts Out First Reunion Single "Collide"

When Black Country Communion, the super group consisting of Deep Purple vocalist and bassist Glenn Hughes, Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian, Led Zeppelin offspring drummer Jason Bonham, and blues guitar extraordinaire Joe Bonamassa broke up in 2013, it broke the hearts of many classic hard rock fans across the globe. These guys were a tour de force and made it cool to make big ballsy blues tinged rock n' roll once more. Now however, they have regrouped and have put out a new single from their upcoming album BCC IV titled Collide (which can be listened to in the video above).

Collide shows that BCC is back with a vengeance. These guys haven't lost their touch at all. I definitely recommend listening to this track at top volume because it has the band's trademark beastly thick guitar riffs, thundering rhythms, and acrobatic soul charged vocals. The cool thing about this tune is that it knows when to go full force but also when to lay back a bit and layer in some soothing, delicate keyboard works. That said, it just goes to show you that even older guys can still tear the roof off a joint with high voltage rock n' roll.

BCC IV is set to come out next month, though no definite date has been nailed down yet. If this song is a true reflection of the rest of the material on the album I think we are definitely in for on hell of a comeback and treat. I know I for one have missed having this band around because not a whole lot of people are doing what they do any more.

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