Monday, August 7, 2017

All 265 Motorhead Songs Played at Once

Some people do some really weird things on the internet some times. Usually for no other purpose than to make the thing exist and get people's attention for a minute. Today I've found yet another one of those things: all 265 Motorhead songs played simultaneously (which can be found by following the link below).

A Soundcloud user by the name of Motorphonics describes his work of "art" by saying:

"It's peak Motorhead. It's 265 tracks played at the same time. It's every track from the 22 studio albums, plus the On Parole collection, and the Beer Drinkers and St. Valentine's Day Massacre EPs. It's pointless, and kinda hypnotic."

It's six and a half minutes of senseless noise, but it's cool to listen to anyway; especially if you can discern specific songs out of the mix. It goes on for six and a half minutes. I was only able to make it 30 seconds in myself, but maybe you'll have more fortitude? Let me know in the comments if you actually do or at the very least how far you got.

Link to the track:

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