Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: De Stijl, by The White Stripes

In 2000 The White Stripes took to the new millennium by recording their second full length album De Stijl. Their debut The White Stripes had garnered them quite a bit of attention internationally as a promising up and coming band and it was time for them to really deliver on their potential. Needless to say, they did so and then some with their cult/fan favorite sophomore effort.

De Stijl is an inventive blend of multiple musical genres such as punk, blues, rock, and even a bit of country. I honestly have never heard anything quite like it before. You wouldn't think that all of these genres would necessarily blend together well on one record, but they do. Each song flows from one to the next seamlessly. I think one of my favorite aspects of this record apart from any of the others in The White Stripes' catalog is the amount of slide guitar that Jack White does.

Hello Operator was one of the main singles for De Stijl; and rightly so. Its delicious blues licks, pounding mid-tempo drums from Meg White, and cheery garage tone give it that edge that such a song would need to be a single. Jack White definitely shows off how melodic and bluesy his guitar playing can get in this tune. I think one of the best aspects of the song however is when the guitar and harmonica melodies match one another and overlap.

Apple Blossom is quite frankly one of my favorite White Stripes songs of all time. Its blend of acoustic guitar, haunting electric guitar, honky-tonk piano, etc. gives it an other worldy atmosphere that in some ways reminds me of a blend of a Beatles song and a Doors song. Everything in this song is melody based and it works out phenomenally. It sounds somewhat dark, but nonetheless it will have you singing along fairly quickly.

De Stijl is a fun little bit of exploration through music. Combining Jack White's prolific lyrics to impeccable song writing made this in my opinion one of the best records he has ever put out (including his work outside The White Stripes). If you're looking for a record that is kind of different but still has some fairly familiar musical elements to keep you a bit grounded, then De Stijl would be a wise choice for your collection.

De Stijl, by The White Stripes receives 4 out of 5 stars.

Track List:

1. You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
2. Hello Operator
3. Little Bird
4. Apple Blossom
5. I'm Bound to Pack It Up
6. Death Letter
7. Sister, Do You Know My Name?
8. Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
9. A Boy's Best Friend
10. Let's Build a Home
11. Jumble, Jumble
12. Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?
13. Your Southern Can is Mine

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