Saturday, October 24, 2015

Judas Priest's Rob Halford Gets Help from Ronnie James Dio Before Shows

It is no secret that many performers have pre-show rituals that they use to get themselves in the zone for what they are about to do. Some people exercise, some people do warm ups, etc. Judas Priest singer Rob Halford on the other hand listens to the late Ronnie James Dio.

In an interview with OC Weekly, Halford says:

“I listen to Ronnie for so many weeks at a time. I find his voice so inspiring and so powerful for me as a singer. I always listen to Ronnie before I go on stage with Priest because I find his voice invigorating. It gets my blood pumping and gets me in the zone before I go out and do my thing with Priest. I pretty much listen to him almost every time.”

Also referring to Dio as "my dear late friend", Halford continues by saying:

“He was a very influential singer. If you listen to him now, you can almost imagine what he was like behind the mic in the studio because he’s so committed; you can tell in his delivery, presence and performance. It’s almost as if he’s just recorded it and laid the track down last week. That’s the great thing about Ronnie; he had that kind of engineered dynamic that is very difficult to capture in the studio, but he delivered that at every show night after night.”

I find it kind of beautiful and endearing that even after Dio's passing over five years ago Halford is still so committed to his friendship with him; especially since he find's Dio's music so enthralling in addition to the fact that he was such a great friend and person. This is probably one of the coolest pre-show rituals I've ever heard of.

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