Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jack White Crashes Neighborhood Barbecue, Isn't Recognized

Over the past couple of decades Jack White has made a name for himself as one of the top dogs in alternative rock and for revitalizing interest in so many old styles of music that have unfortunately dwindled over the years. However, despite all that fame White the other day was able to attend a neighborhood barbecue without being recognized by anyone at all.

White who has been living in a historic gated house in a quiet Nashville neighborhood for the past decade or so has missed out on this annual tradition. White now having time since his big Lazaretto tour ended finally had the chance to join in with the ordinary folk in his neighborhood and was able to do so without a bunch of people recognizing him and bugging him for autographs, pictures, etc.

Jedediah Jenkings, whose mother helped put together the potluck says in an interview with Live For Live Music says:

“My mom helps host a neighborhood potluck in front of my childhood home. Our little dead-end street is populated primarily with elderly and quiet people. The houses are modest and suburban. My mom has been doing this potluck for over a decade. At the bottom of our street, there is a large gated historic home shrouded in trees. We’ve never really spotted that neighbor. But we have from time to time heard guitar coming from the garage.

This year, without warning, the occupant decided to come mingle with the neighbors. Of course they had no idea who he was. ‘Jack White, nice to meet you.’ He apologized for traveling so much and missing out over the years.”

I would imagine that after all those years of having to be careful about going out in public as a famous rock star it would be refreshing to go to such a low key mundane event and just be among regular people without any stress. I'm kind of happy for White to have such an opportunity. Hopefully though he starts working on another album soon.

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