Saturday, October 31, 2015

ELO Premieres New Single "One Step Out of Time"

So for those of you who are fans of Electric Light Orchestra I'm sure you're aware by now that Jeff Lynne is about to put out another album under that moniker with long time keyboardist Richard Tandy and other new musicians titled Alone in the Universe. Two singles have been made available to the public: When I Was a Boy and When the Night Comes. Now a third one has been made available: One Step Out of Time (which can be listened to below).

It has a lot of that old school 70's ELO melody and warmth while at the same time has a bit of a modernish disco sounding vibe to it. You could definitely dance to it if you wanted to badly enough. Personally I find myself getting overly lost (in a good way) in Lynne's vocal melodies. I find it absolutely astounding that his voice seems to not have aged at all. It sounds pretty pristine.

All Alone in the Universe will be coming out on November 13th via Columbia Records. Personally I'm glad that we will be getting a new ELO album in our lifetime. Jeff Lynne is a master of song writing in all respects. Plus it's nice to get such warm melodic music made with real instruments in an age where computers have taken the place of talent.

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