Thursday, October 29, 2015

No New Black Sabbath Album After All

Unfortunately, it seems we will not be getting one final Black Sabbath album. The band has recently announced that starting in January of next year it will be embarking on one final tour before calling it quits for good, though originally they gave the impression that one more album was to be done as well.

Singer Ozzy Osbourne dropped the news during an interview with, saying:

“It’s the end of Sabbath, believe me (the band’s upcoming The End tour.) In December, I’ll be f—in’ 68 and I think it’s time to call it the end of the day. I’m not saying I won’t get on stage with … any of them some time, but officially we’re going to be done. I don’t want it to dwindle and dwindle and play just for the sake of making another f—in’ sack full of cash. So it’s time, and then I’ll go back to doing my own thing.”
Kind of sad that we won't be getting one more Black Sabbath album. Their most recent release 13 which came out in 2013 wasn't too shabby, though I feel it could have been better. I was hoping they would do one more to really leave one last big powerful album that will resonate for the ages. I guess we can't have everything though, can we?

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