Friday, October 10, 2014

Velvet Revolver Still Looking For Right Singer

After over six years of inactivity hard rock band Velvet Revolver are apparently STILL trying to find the right singer to replace original vocalist Scott Weiland. To be fair, many of the members have kept themselves busy with other projects over the years, but still. That's a long time to take to find someone. Anyway, lead guitarist Slash recently weighed in on the subject in an interview with

“A lot of people are asking questions, and it’s been very active under the radar. I mean, nothing has happened with it as far as getting a new singer, so there’s nothing to talk about. But there is activity going on, and there’s people that we’ve been checking out. At some point the right guy’s gonna walk in the door, and at that point, then we’ll look into making another Velvet record. We started working with Scott for that period and we made some cool music, but it was just a really, really hard thing to keep together, that exact lineup. When you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face, there’s a point there where it’s, like, ‘You’ve gotta either get it together or we’re not gonna suffer through this.’"

 It's a shame that Weiland can't get his crap together enough because the original line-up of Velvet Revolver was really something else. However, if the guys can finally decide on a singer I'm sure whatever album they put out after that will be awesome. I just can't believe that it has taken this long, though. They certainly have their pick of anyone out there, though maybe that is the problem.

You can watch the video interview with Slash below:

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