Monday, October 20, 2014

Ozzy Osbourne: 'Being in a band is a dying art'

According to Black Sabbath singer and solo artist Ozzy Osbourne, the art of being in a band is a dying one. With the use of technology in music constantly on the rise, it becomes increasingly rare for musicians to just get together and make new musical ideas out of nothing.

In an interview with, Osbourne says:

“The computer age is taking over and there's a lot of trickery. I've actually seen guys in bands. You go, 'Do you want to jam?' and they go, 'Jam? What's that?' Just playing anything together. They can't do it. 'I'll have to consult my computer first.' The art of being in a band is dying.”

Sadly, I have to say Osbourne is right. It seems more and more these days people are ditching the guitar for their computers. While the digital age has brought about many wonderful new advancements in music, it has also brought some handicaps along with. Lots of music these days is made by just one person sitting at a computer whereas it used to be that the best ideas were sparked when two or more people got together with instruments that require actual skill to play put their heads together and let the music flow.

Osbourne and Black Sabbath will be getting together next year to record one final album together and also do one more tour before bowing out and calling it a day.

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