Sunday, October 12, 2014

David Bowie Premieres New Song "Sue"


It would seem that pop rock legend David Bowie has put out a new single. However, it's quite unlike anything you're used to hearing from him. I can guarantee that.

The song is called Sue and it recently premiered on BBC Radio 6 and was made for an upcoming compilation album titled Nothing Has Changed which will be arriving in the shops and online November 18th. Sue seems to go in a VERY experimental jazz direction, rather than a lot of the straight up pop style of music we have grown accustomed to hearing from Bowie in the past.

Even his more experimental stuff has never quite been this radical, to be quite honest. To me it seems like there are two songs fighting each other in this piece of music. On the one hand you have the rhythm section playing in an upbeat odd timing while other parts of the orchestra along with Bowie are going at a much slower tempo. Perhaps this is the point of this kind of music? Hard to say for certain.

While Bowie has put out a new song, he has recently denied rumors that he was working on a new full length album. It's a bit of a shame though because it would be fascinating to hear what else he could do in this particular genre. Instead Bowie is doing a retrospective documentary on his life and career titled David Bowie Is

The new song Sue can be listened to below. Song starts at 1:12.

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