Sunday, October 19, 2014

Slash Discusses Singers Considered for Velvet Revolver

Over the past six years hard rock band Velvet Revolver has pursued a new lead singer to replace Scott Weiland in a sluggish manner. However, recently lead guitarist Slash has spoken publicly in an interview with Rolling Stone Australia about two of the well known singers who were considered for the post: ex-Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach and Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor.

This wasn't the first time Bach was considered for the post. Even before Weiland had come into the picture he and Velvet Revolver had given things a go. Slash says in terms of Bach:

“I love Sebastian, but if you can imagine, it sounded sort of like Skid N’ Roses. It was cool, but you knew that everybody who heard it was gonna be, like, ‘Oh, yeah, that makes sense.’ It was a little bit too predictable.”

I can kind of understand why Slash feels that way. I've been an avid fan of both GN'R and Skid Row for years, so I can kind of get a picture for what that would probably sound like. There would be no element of surprise or any new direction to the music at all were they to legitimately team up with one another.

Apparently back in 2010 Velvet Revolver had even recorded a full album's worth of material with Taylor. However, Slash didn't feel it was what the band needed. He says:

“Everybody was rallying for him. And I love Corey to death, but something about it was just a little bit too – what’s the word for it? You know how Corey sings. It’s a very macho kind of thing. But it didn’t have certain elements I thought it needed. So we just didn’t go down that path. And that was the closest so far.”

It's a shame that Slash feels that way. Even if it isn't quite what he was looking for, it sure would be great to at least put the album out anyway to give the fans something cool to tide them over while the band searches for a singer they feel more properly fits them. I've heard Corey Taylor do some GN'R stuff with Slash and it was absolutely killer.

To view the video of the interview, look no further (I'd have embedded the video, but Blogger was being crap):

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