Monday, October 6, 2014

Slash Speaks Out on What He Admires About Axl Rose

It's no secret that during the past two decades there has been much attention drawn to the ongoing feud between former Guns N' Roses band mates Slash and Axl Rose. Mentioning the two names in the same sentence any more seems to carry quite a negative connotation.

However, there wasn't always this bad blood between the two of them. In fact, for many years Slash and Axl were both best friends and forged one of the greatest rock n' roll entities that ever existed. Slash himself seems not to have forgotten this despite all the more negative things mentioned in interviews with him over the years.

In a video interview with Loudwire the cat in the hat rattled off some of the more positive things about his former brother in arms, praising him as a front man, a singer, a song writer, and person in general.

Perhaps there is still hope at the very least for Axl and Slash to mend their friendship if not working together musically ever again. Given their profound history with one another it would be a shame for such a feud to continue into old age.

The video of the interview can be watched below:

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