Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Some Changes Coming to Young Ears, Fresh Perspective

For nearly three years now I have been keeping up with writing Young Ears, Fresh Perspective; keeping you all up to date with what is new in the world of rock n' roll, reviewing albums, taking a retrospective look at its past, and more all while sharing my thoughts with you. I have gotten to a point however where I would like to get more out of this.

Young Ears, Fresh Perspective started as merely a passion project as well as something to bolster my resume. I have not been profiting financially from it at all. That said, I feel it is time to change that. I may not have a HUGE audience right now, but my readership is starting to build up slowly enough to where I could actually make a few bucks here and there.

What will be happening from here is there will be ads placed in this blog. I know you guys probably are not too fond of that, but if you can put up with them (and preferably not read with adblock on) I will be grateful. Plus, you will still be getting the same kind of quality content that I have been writing for the past few years. The only thing different about the actual blog will be now it will look a little more like other web pages you might go to.

Another thing I have been working on to move the blog forward is a Facebook page. By liking the page you will be able to be more up to date with what goes on in Young Ears, Fresh Perspective as well as interact with me and even occasionally have a say on what kind of content comes your way. I feel having a closer connection with you guys will only make this blog better for everyone.

Finally, this is not for sure yet but I am considering doing an internet radio show as well. Right now I am thinking doing maybe a one hour show once or twice a month where I talk about things going on in rock news, my opinions of different rock related subjects, and maybe even condensed live reviews. That is still up in the air, though.

From here on out I am hoping that things only improve with Young Ears, Fresh Perspective. It means a lot to me and I would love for you all who have been sticking with me this whole time continue to do so. Your readership means the world for me. Without you all I would not be able to start to make real progress. Thank you so much.

To like the Facebook page, click the link below:

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