Saturday, April 1, 2017

Black Keys's Dan Auerbach Releases New Solo Single "Shine On Me"

Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach seems to have been pretty busy lately. Although there doesn't seem to be any new music from the Keys on the way any time soon, Auerbach IS about to put out his second solo album titled Waiting on a Song (which comes out June 2nd on Auerbach's new personal label Easy Eye Sound according to the video description) for which he has just released a single and music video called Shine On Me.

Shine On Me actually features a very special guest musician Mark Knopfler, formerly the guitarist of Dire Straits doing the main electric rhythm guitar parts. If you're familiar with his style, it's definitely unmistakably him. Overall it's a pretty bright, shiny, bouncy song. If you're looking for something that will perk up your mood a bit, then this is right up your alley. It does a fantastic job of blending old with new in terms of styles. It has a heavy classic rock vibe in some areas, but in others you can hear more modern elements in the back as well. It works.

The video is rather strange and out there with some cartoonish imagery, but I would expect nothing less from the guy who co-wrote every last one of the Black Keys's strangest material. Auerbach is probably on some interesting drugs these days, but as long as he keeps bringing the good music and has his life well enough in order then more power to him.

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