Saturday, July 15, 2017

White Stripes Release First Performance Recording for 20th Anniversary

Despite the fact that they have been broken up for six years now, The White Stripes (or rather Jack White) just celebrated their 20th anniversary by releasing a high quality recording of the very first performance they ever did via Third Man Records (White's personal label that he runs), which was at an open mic night at the now closed Gold Dollar Detroit in 1997.

The release is titled: The First Show: Live on Bastille Day. It features only three songs (which makes sense, seeing as they were playing an open mic slot rather than a full on show), two of which would make the cut on the band's 1999 debut album The White Stripes (full track list below).

Personally I feel this a really cool time capsule to be able to peer into. This is The White Stripes at the genesis of their existence. For one thing, it was interesting to hear St. James Infirmary Blues played on guitar rather than piano. This is by far nowhere near the best performance they ever put on, but you can hear the raw talent and potential in just the three songs they played. They might have been rough around the edges, but you can easily tell that with a bit of time, hard work, and determination they would become the dominating force in rock n' roll that they eventually became.

The First Show: Live on Bastille Day, by The White Stripes track list:

1. St. James Infirmary Blues
2. Jimmy the Exploder
3. Love Potion No. 9

You can listen to the full thing on Spotify here:

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