Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Foo Fighters Premiere New Song "Dirty Water" Live in Paris

Dave Grohl lead band Foo Fighters don't seem to be shy about showing off the material on their upcoming album Concrete and Gold (which will be out on September 15th). At a recent concert in Paris, they premiered another new track from the album, Dirty Water (the fifth song they have premiered from the album so far).

Dirty Water has a pretty solid Foo Fighters vibe to it. It's an ear pleasing blend of speaker punching riffs, melody, rawness, and has one hell of a build-up. It's kind of hard to describe it as any one particular thing because it sounds as rough and loud as any hard rock song of today would, but at the same time you can hear melody coming through in a very pronounced way.

I kind of get the idea of what Grohl was saying recently when he said he wanted to make this record sound like it was Motorhead doing their own version of The Beatles classic Sergent Pepper album. I really do hear that in this song. I'm definitely stoked to hear what the whole rest of the album will be like if it's anything like what we've heard here.

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