Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nyte Lyfe Soul Cleansers Drops Debut Single: "Maybe Some Day"

Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between. It's time for some shameless self-promotion! My band Nyte Lyfe Soul Cleansers that I play guitar, do backing vocals, and write all the songs for has just put out the first single Maybe Some Day from its debut demo (which can be listened to via Soundcloud)!

We spent the past month or so recording this over multiple sessions in my basement with pretty much the bare bones essentials. Kind of wanted to keep things simple so we could put out a no frills demo without having to have the process go on for an indefinite amount of time. It's raw, but I guarantee you'll dig what we have going on here.

Maybe Some Day is a song that is quite personal to me. I kind of wanted to go the honest, simple route in terms of expressing what it's like to fight depression on a daily basis while still being relatable and not necessarily sounding like a big emo downer. I feel I managed to do it because it's quite a song of hope. That said, I hope you enjoy it.

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