Thursday, February 2, 2017

Former AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Changes His Tune on Axl Rose Fronting the Band

Last year when long time AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson was forced to retire due to the potential of losing his hearing entirely, the band was in desperate need of a replacement who could fill such big shoes and in a hurry too. Much to their good fortune, Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose stepped up to the challenge and has so far won many people over, that is except ex-drummer Phil Rudd until recently.

Rudd, who was fired from AC/DC back in 2015 for his drug habit spinning out of control had voiced his disdain for Rose as a front man for the band and said he would not want to play with him if he were to be taken back in. However, in a recent interview with MusicRadar Rudd has changed his tune, saying:

"I watched some clips the other day of Axl singing with the boys. I was surprised – it wasn’t too bad. I thought he did quite well, and that’s not an easy gig, mate. AC/DC is a tough gig for everyone in the band.”

In regards to his own dismissal from AC/DC, Rudd admitted:

“I shot myself in the foot. You make your own bed, mate. You make your own mistakes and you have to deal with them, and that’s what I have done.”

I'm glad that Rudd has seen the error of his ways and has owned up to it all. He did some pretty messed up stuff while on drugs and it pretty much threw his life in the crapper. Rudd has managed to get clean (at least from the looks of things) and pick back up with his solo project, but I don't think he will be back in AC/DC any time soon if ever at all. Personally, as much as I love Axl fronting AC/DC I wish Angus Young would just call it a day with the band already considering he is the only original/iconic member of the band left.

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