Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Megadeth Grammy Win Accompanied by Metallica Song

Sunday night thrash metal legends Megadeth finally won their first Grammy for Best Metal Performance after 12 nominations (for most of their albums) for their most recent release Dystopia. In a bit of irony however, the house band played rival band Metallica's classic hit Master of Puppets while the band went up to accept the award (as can be seen in the video below).

For those of you who don't fully understand the context, Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine used to play lead guitar in Metallica in the very early days of the band starting out. However, Mustaine got kicked out in 1983 after having written a significant portion of the songs that would be on Metallica's first two albums and swore revenge that he would start a band that would be even better than Metallica. Hence, Megadeth. Since then however, the two bands have buried the hatchet and Mustaine and Metallica are now friends again.

That said, when the Grammy house band played Master of Puppets, Mustaine still took the podium and accepted the award graciously without mentioning the mishap. When someone asked him about it on Twitter later however though, Mustaine replied:

“Ah, you can’t blame ’em for not being able to play @Megadeth.”

I'm glad Mustaine was a class act about it on stage, though wasn't afraid to be a bit cheeky about it without being all that mean later on. He might have some screws loose, but at least he is adult enough to just laugh it off when something like this happens. Good on him. Plus, he really does deserve that Grammy. Megadeth has had it coming for a while.

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