Monday, December 12, 2016

Former Dio Drummer Vinny Appice Doesn't Think Ronnie James Dio Would Like Last in Line

Vinny Appice (son of Carmine Appice) played drums with the late great Ronnie James Dio in both Black Sabbath and Dio. In the past couple of years, he and the original members of Ronnie's solo band got back together to form a new band Last in Line that pays tribute to the music they made together and also pushes forward to write new stuff (they put out an album titled Heavy Crown earlier this year). As cool as this is, Appice feels that Dio might not have liked the idea of them playing together.

In a recent interview with RockMyWorld (via Blabbermouth), Appice talks a bit about how he thinks Dio might have felt about the idea of these guys playing together again, saying:

"I think he would like Heavy Crown. He might go, 'Fuck those guys!' I don't know. He would probably like it inside, musically, but he wouldn't like the idea of us playing together. That's what I think."

I have a feeling that Appice is probably right. After he quit the band in 1986, guitarist Vivian Campbell and Ronnie were blood enemies for decades until the singer's death in 2010. I can't imagine that these guys from Dio's early solo days playing together would sit too well with Ronnie because they might draw attention away from him. That wouldn't sit well with the elf with a voice from Hell. Regardless, Heavy Crown is a good record and I'm glad they're playing together again.

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