Friday, April 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Let There Be Rock, by AC/DC

Another AC/DC review? Come on, Josh! Sod off. It's Angus Young's birthday. Anyway, Let There Be Rock really shows AC/DC hitting their stride in 1977. This is where the band really began to take off and truly be competition with the other big rock acts going around at that time. Plus, the fact that two of its tracks are to this day still considered to be major AC/DC classics also helped them out in a big way as successful singles usually tend to do with any artist.

Many fans consider Let There Be Rock to be the first "true" AC/DC album because this is the album where the band shifted its sound from short overdriven fun sped up blues songs to the longer more brash hard rock they are known for today. As mentioned earlier, it contains two of AC/DC's most well known songs: Let There Be Rock and Whole Lotta Rosie. Fun story: During the recording of the title track Let There Be Rock Angus's amp exploded and caught fire during the final solo, but he just kept playing anyway. By the end, the amplifier was a smoldering melted mess.

Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be is a really crunchy rocker. With its chords that ring out and riffs that punch you square in the teeth, it truly is easy to see the beginning of the band we all know and love. Personally, I love Bon Scott's wailing throughout the tune. I love how raw everything is too. While the song structure and style is similar to what they would become known for, this is before everything was overly polished in the studio like it would be later on with Back in Black. This song rocks drives and rocks so hard that it almost makes you start to believe that maybe Hell really isn't that bad of a place.

Whole Lotta Rosie is always a fun song to rock around to. The moment that DAH-DUH-DAH-DUH-DAH-DUH-DAH! kicks in you just KNOW that something awesome is about to happen. It's enough to get your foot tapping, your head banging, and your fist pumping. When the whole rest of the song kicks in and Scott starts howling away about his love of a certain voluptuous woman it's hard not to get swept up in the fun. Yes, the subject matter is shallow but it really wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't. This song is one fun ride that picks you up and doesn't give you a break from start to finish.

Let There Be Rock admittedly isn't the best AC/DC album by any means, but it's still a great way to see where the band evolved from being a dirty over driven version of a 50's rockabilly band to the hard rock legends they are today. There are definitely quite a few good tunes on the album. Hell, it's worth it just for the epic long title track alone. If you have an appetite for some real ball busting rock n' roll, your hunger will be fed with this killer album.

Let There Be Rock, by AC/DC receives 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Track List:

1. Go Down
2. Dog Eat Dog
3. Let There Be Rock
4. Bad Boy Boogie
5. Problem Child
6. Overdose
7. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
8. Whole Lotta Rosie

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