Thursday, April 7, 2016

Former Deep Purple Bassist/Vocalist Glenn Hughes on Rock Hall Induction

Over multiple decades it's been absolutely no secret to the rock n' roll community that heavy rock pioneers Deep Purple have gotten the shaft for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, now that this week on April 8th the band is FINALLY getting inducted former bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes is speaking up on how he feels about it.

Hughes, who was in the band from 1973-1976 was part of Deep Purple's Mark III and Mark IV line-ups, replacing Roger Glover on the four strings, backing up David Coverdale on vocals. He helped the band get through some rough transitions such as Glover and Ian Gillan being removed from the band in 1973 and Ritchie Blackmore quitting in 1975. 

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock he talks about how he always knew Purple would get in, saying:

“I had a feeling we’d get in. If there’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and there’s a band that’s sold around 150 million albums, surely they’re going to be nominated. And in some form, they are still together, flying the flag of the brand and the band. That band and brand has been going now for 48 years. Forget that I was in Deep Purple; I would be wanting to see any band with that longevity over that span get in there. It’s incredible.”

To be honest, I'm a little surprised to hear Hughes say something like this. Usually he plays up his role in the band online and talks about how great he is. I'm a bit impressed to see him do something like this and be a bit less self-centered. Don't get me wrong, though. The guy is INCREDIBLY talented. Hell, I'm going to see him play in August. Even in his old age his voice is still powerful and his writing creative. I am definitely glad though that he is being inducted into the RRHoF with Coverdale, Blackmore, Glover, Gillan, Rod Evans, Ian Paice, and Jon Lord.

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