Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ace Frehley Premieres "Fire & Water" Collab Video with Paul Stanley

It has been 18 years since Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley appeared together in a music video and 27 years since Frehley appeared in a music video of his own stuff. Just now both of those have come to an end, as Frehley and Stanley just put out a video for Frehley's cover of Fire & Water, by Free (which can be watched below) for Frehley's recent release Origins, Vol. 1.

Origins, Vol. 1 is an album of covers of songs that influenced Frehley as well as some rerecordings of Kiss songs including one he never played on: Rock and Roll Hell. In a recent press release, Frehley talked about working with Stanley again and how he felt his former band mate did on the track they did together.

Frehley says:

It was great working with Paul again. All the years we’ve spent apart doing other projects seemed to vanish once we hit the stage! I thought Paul did a fabulous vocal on it. He jumped at the chance to do this because it’s something that’s outside of Kiss and his character in Kiss, and it gave him a chance to, you know, sing. With Paul, you usually think of him singing in a slightly higher register, and on ‘Fire and Water,’ he’s singing deep from his diaphragm, and it’s a real cool vocal. Everyone who’s heard it just thinks it’s the s—.”

I think the video is everything it needs to be: simple rock and roll. No flash or fancy production. Just some old friends on a stage jamming away on a song they love. I did kind of like the intro to the video with them just meeting up on the street like that. It really emphasizes the fact that Stanley and Frehley want to be friends again. The song itself was also done pretty well. I'll admit I was a little thrown off by Stanley singing lower, but I guess that's what happens with age and when he is not trying to sing in Kiss.

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