Friday, March 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Destroyer, by Kiss

One of Kiss's biggest albums of all time just hit its huge 40th birthday. Destroyer, which was released in 1976 was the band's big studio follow-up to their big breakthrough live album Alive!. This time around the band was looking to continue their commercial success and show that they could keep up that high energy balls to the wall rock n' roll sound in a studio setting as well as in their live shows. Needless to say, 40 years later they definitely managed to achieve that goal.

Destroyer definitely sounds like a bigger production than Kiss's previous studio efforts, both in terms of production and song writing. This of course is thanks to famed Canadian producer Bob Ezrin. Some of the band's most notable tunes come from this album such as: Detroit Rock City, Beth, Shout it Out Loud, God of Thunder, etc. This record has a lot of punch packed into it and honestly I feel it's where Kiss really shined the brightest in the studio.

Detroit Rock City is one of the most kick ass ways to open an album (or as they have done since then, live shows) EVER. It starts off soft and builds up until it is loud, proud, and blaring anthemically through your speakers. It's honestly the definition of epic as its drums pound from Peter Criss's thundering arms, vocals reach the heavens from Paul Stanley, and guitars played by Stanley and Ace Frehley make the most rad solo you could imagine. It's kind of weird to think that such a song though would be made around an incident where a Kiss fan died on the way to a show.

God of Thunder is another epic anthemic track (something Kiss seems to be good at making), but this time around bassist Gene Simmons takes the lead vocals. Given his personality (especially on stage) it's no surprise that he would sing such a song. It stomps and pounds the ground like thunder as it goes along, making you the listener feel like you're pretty damn powerful yourself. The piano parts in it actually work out surprisingly well too.

Destroyer is a MUST have for Kiss fans and just plain rock n' rollers alike. From start to finish it will get you rock n' rolling all night and partying every day. You can truly hear where Kiss became the big time commercial success they are known to be today. Everything about it reflects just how big they had become at that point, especially considering how many of their biggest hits were on it. Definitely worth picking up a copy TODAY.

Destroyer, by Kiss receives 4 out of 5 stars.

Track List:

1. Detroit Rock City
2. King of the Night Time World
3. God of Thunder
4. Great Expectations
5. Flaming Youth
6. Sweet Pain
7. Shout It Out Loud
8. Beth
9. Do You Love Me
10. Rock and Roll Party

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