Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Eagles Fold Up According to Don Henley

After a 4+ decade career, The Eagles are calling it quits once and for all to no big surprise. For real this time.

In an interview with BBC drummer Don Henley explains that the band's performance of Take It Easy (which can be viewed below) as a tribute to the late Glenn Frey at the Grammys was the band's last ever performance.

On the performance, Henley says:

“It was very difficult. We actually almost didn’t do it – but the Grammy people were very insistent, so we decided that we would. I think that was the final farewell. I don’t think you’ll see us performing again.

That was probably it. Jackson [Browne] was the appropriate person to sing the song, because, as most people know, Jackson started the song and Glenn helped him finish it. I thought it went pretty well – we were very emotional, but we did it.”

Honestly I feel this is probably for the best. Without such a key member of the band it's only fitting that they hang it up and call it a day rather than continuing on and tarnishing the legacy that the band had built with Frey over the years. Honestly, I think the performance was a rather moving tribute. Now if only the Reaper would stop taking away so many legends of rock...

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