Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Guns N' Roses Reunion Not the End of Slash's Solo Career

The reunion of Slash with his former band mate Axl Rose under the Guns N' Roses banner is probably one of the hugest things to happen in rock in a very long time. This is definitely a big career move for Slash, but it would seem he is not abandoning his solo career despite that.

According to Conspirators (Slash's solo band) bassist Todd Kerns, the band has plans to record this Spring. In an interview on Eddie Trunk's podcast, Kerns says:

“We’ve always had a springtime plan to get into bass and drums recording. And we’ve already got an album-plus worth of music together. I think he’s gonna go off and have this great experience and then we’re gonna make this record. There’s no reason to not make it or whatever other than scheduling getting really crazy, which, let’s be honest, could happen … and I’m perfectly okay with just sort of playing it out and see what happens.”

In regards to the reunion, Kerns says:

“[It’s] bigger than all of us. This whole thing is history of rock occurring right under our noses, which is interesting for a guy from my perspective. I think it’s a really great thing for the entire planet, but for the individuals involved, guys like Duff, who I know and love to death too, I think this is an important part of a return for them.”

I think it's a good thing that Slash is keeping his solo career going despite the GN'R reunion. It's always nice to have an outlet where you get to be in charge of doing your own thing just the way you want to. The GN'R reunion is definitely going to be awesome and fun for Slash, but I have a feeling he won't want to have all of his musical efforts be based solely around whether or not Axl will want to get off his ass and do things that day.

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